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Glen Rose Public School District is located about ten miles north of Malvern, Arkansas. Glen Rose educates students in grades K-12. The school is in the AAA Conference. The Glen Rose School District serves 1000 students and employs 82 highly qualified teachers.


District Mission Statement


 Mission Statement


The Glen Rose School District is committed to the role of helping each student develop and prepare for his/her future role as a successful, productive citizen of society.  Each student has inherent worth and will be given the opportunity to study and work in a stimulating environment that promotes learning.

We recognize the uniqueness of each student and strive to provide an effective educational program designed to help each student develop his/her intellectual, social, emotional, moral, and physical potential.

We believe that Glen Rose teachers and staff are competent, enthusiastic, concerned, and understanding and have a positive attitude toward the total learning process.  Our teachers and staff endeavor to instill in students the feeling of personal responsibility for their actions and decisions and for the resulting consequences of the choices they have made.

We believe the total learning process is a cumulative one, which is a parent-teacher-child responsibility.  It is our educational system's responsibility to return to our community, citizens capable of functioning as contributing members in today's changing world.

We believe that along with the basic skills, students should be taught thinking skills, decision-making skills, social skills, vocational skills, and any other relevant skills, which will enable them to achieve personal success.  The curriculum will be designed to fit the needs of all students, the college-bound as well as those in need of practical arts.

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Malvern, Arkansas  72104

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