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Glen Rose School District strives to prepare each child to contribute to their communities in meaningful and positive ways, allowing for individual differences and learning styles and developing independence and self-worth.  Supporting the rights of students to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE) enables them to develop their unique talents and abilities, thus preparing them to participate in and serve their community with dignity and pride.  We offer a continuum of services to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Decisions regarding meeting the needs of a child with a disability are made by a multidisciplinary team. The commitment to children and passion in making a difference, collaboratively, is evident in every aspect of our educational programs.  It is our strong belief that all students can learn, and that our students acquire the academic, vocational, and social/emotional skills needed to transition to adulthood with conviction, self-confidence, and competence.

If you are new to our district and your child has received special education or 504 services in the past, please be sure to let us know by completing the form, "Parent Report of Special Services." If your child has an existing diagnosis, please be sure to let us know by completing the form, "Parent Report of Medical Disability/Diagnosis."  Both of these forms should be submitted to your child's school office.

Home School and/or Private School

Public school districts are responsible for identifying and evaluating students suspected of having a disability residing within the school district’s boundaries. This includes children 3 through 21 years of age who are in public schools, private schools, are being home schooled, or are kindergarten eligible, but not enrolled. If your child is having significant difficulty with vision, hearing, speech, behavior, is experiencing slow development typical for his/her age, physical impairments, or learning difficulty, he/she may be a child with a disability. If you suspect your child may have a disability, please contact us for more information.

Additionally, it is the policy of the Arkansas State Board of Education that school districts provide a genuine opportunity (see 34 C.F.R. Sec. 76.651(a)) to students with disabilities who are home schooled, as defined in state regulations, to access special education and related services from the district where they reside. This policy is not to be construed as conferring the procedural protections and rights under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to such students and their parent/guardians.

Districts receive a formula-driven dollar amount to provide special education and related services to eligible homeschooled students. Districts, however, determine how to spend this formula driven funding. Glen Rose School District uses its funds to provide some therapy services to eligible students, which end once the specific funding is depleted. If you believe that your child may need special education services or have questions concerning Glen Rose School District providing your child’s service needs, please email Amber McCrackin at